Welcome to my website!

Hello, my name is Jordyn and I am a current student at Drake University double majoring in Digital Media Production and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing with an interest in pursuing sports media production in a professional career.

My interest in sports started when I was a child and have always played at least one sport at all times some of my favorites have been dance, basketball, and rowing. I am currently a part of the Women’s Rowing team at Drake and love being in an environment of hard work and passion. The sports industry is ever-changing and that is what I love most about it. Every game has a different outcome and it’s not always what you are expecting.

This photo is after a rowing race in November 2021.


I find a lot of things interesting in life some of those things are related to my major and are unrelated to my major

Major related interests

I am interested in everything from coming up with content to creating it to finishing the final editing touches. I have had the opportunity to learn essential Adobe skills in some of my classes that have really increased my interests.

Other interests

Outside of education, I am interested in mental health. Specifically the mental health of student-athletes. As a student-athlete, mental health isn’t just a big part of life but it’s also a big part of the sport I play. Being at practice every day while balancing schoolwork, eating properly, sleeping enough at night, and socializing with others is one of the biggest challenges that are always in the back of our minds. These very time-consuming days makes our days to be about 17-18 hour days. Unfortunatly mental health is still stigmatized in society and is hard for people to talk about.